Falconer Technologies' ('FalTec') primary focus is configuring and securing Linux, Windows, and Macintosh networks. We implement very specific tools to minimize vulnerabilities to the your network. FalTec is also instrumental in helping document written policies and procedures for the Company's staff. Our firm can offer assistance in network administration for SQL, DB2, Access, and Lotus Notes.

FalTec believes in staff training also. If the Customer is comfortable with the hi-tech business tools, then they are used more efficiently and frequently. Connectibility is key when communication is needed between systems. We have been successful with PC/Windows Server to Apple Macintosh/OSX Server connectibility and file/printing sharing between Linux and Windows. This allows you to share print and file services regardless of the operating system.

Falconer believes in Linux. This is a strong operating system ('open source') that has many advantages in the business and personal world of computing. It is not difficult to use, implement, or 'just for geeks anymore'. It is a robust system allowing one to use the system in the way they first intended....to be productive! Falconer's owner has earned to be a Novell Certified Linux Professional (CLP) to better serve Linux or potential Linux customers.

FalTec can also supply and install critical patches, implement secure best practices to the operating system, and keep customers up-to-date on various application upgrades. We will also recommend practices to your staff on what to look for and how to keep your company safe...from the inside. You have invested alot of time and money in your staff and systems. We make sure vulnerabilities are minimized and your systems have optimal uptime.